“Life is choices, No chances”


If you have a dream, what will stop you for making it com true?  You must remember that it is your own life, and nobody will live it for you.

You have to go after what you want, listen to people’s opinions, but don’t take their speech as a holly speech.

Respect it and keep it in mind, but after all follow your mind and heart because what ever will happen it will happen to you, remember that it is your life, only  you.

And be sure that life is a punch of choices which you make and nobody but you will make it.

Then live with your choices and don not wait for chances because it will never come if you did not go after it.

Sometimes you feel afraid because some decision will change your current life and take you to another stage, but you need to be strong and think very well about how you will be, what you will lose and what you will win.

Put some questions for yourself and answer them, and you can also make a list to see what the benefits and damages which will happen when you take that decision.

You deserve to live the  best life ever, believe in yourself, and don’t you ever hesitate to make your choices and take your decisions. 



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