” Glimpse on the right and wrong !!! “




Every one of us must have gone through several problems in his life, and we have some trusted people around us to tell them about those problems, and ask them to help us to get over it, and solve this thing.

But after I had been in some real problems of my own  in my short life, and hear about some people problems, I discovered something, I don’t know if  everybody think the same way or not but the thing is; I believe that there is nothing called RIGHT THING or WRONG THING.

Why?? because if I see something right it doesn’t matter that you see the same, and also if I see it wrong you might see it right, and it doesn’t mean that we both are wrong, absolutely not.

In each case we both could be right or possibly wrong, but the matter depends on our feelings and what we believe in, we don’t have to see things by the same sight, so all of us might be correct.

It must be different from a person to another, and whatever  makes you happy so it’s the right thing for you, but you must make sure that your choices and decisions will not negatively affect the others or even yourself.

 And the problem is; that there is a lot of people always think that they are the only one who says the right things, and everybody else is just wrong, I feel a little sorry for those people, because they miss the real life, and put themselves in a small circle, they can not understand that there is something called individual differences, which means that we are not the same.

Everybody must understand that we –as a human beings- complete each others by a way or another, then we do not have to act the same way.

Live life simply because it is simple, we complicate it by ourselves and only us who can make it easier.




5 thoughts on “” Glimpse on the right and wrong !!! “

  1. I agree, I think the terms are normative based on a person’s upbringing and it is perhaps better to try to a lead a life without judgement than try to enforce your own strict ideas of right and wrong on others.

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