” HaPpy BiRtHdAy To Me :) ”


Today is my special day,  4th of October, it is my 22 birthday 🙂 I will celebrate it with my lovely best friends and family, I want to tell them all, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🙂

As i will celebrate that day today i want to make the day complete and I want to celebrate and share my last day in this year with my kind followers, and I also want to thank you for reading my posts.

I am getting one year older and it is not good 😀 i want to stay more in the twenties or at least make this day become longer, but it is the impossible dream.

I heard a real and deep sentence from a British teacher, he said: ” You are young as much as you feel “. I am totally agree with him as much as we young and pure from inside it will be obvious  outside 🙂

So my advice for everybody and also for myself  is to feel young and free from inside and for sure try to be satisfied because it is the key of happiness.

And here is Google celebrating my Birthday 🙂 i was surprised when i saw it, it really made my day 😀

( press on pic to see full size )

Wish me good year 🙂


12 thoughts on “” HaPpy BiRtHdAy To Me :) ”

  1. سنحتفل معك يا رولا بعيد ميلادك بقلوبنا التي أحبتك رغم بعد المسافات
    وأسعدتيها برقتك وعذوبتك يا فاتنة العشرينات
    كل سنة وأنت طيبة وترفلِ كالفراشة في سماء الأمنيات

    • رولا ســعدي

      🙂 وانت طيب شكرا وصدفة حلوة في نفس اليوم 🙂
      وعيدك سعيد كل سنة وانت طيب 🙂

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