” F.R.I.E.N.D.S “


As a big fan of this magnificent show ” FRIENDS”  i decided to write something about it, I’ve been watching it a long time ago and it is my favorite  show ever.

They are a bunch of great actors and actresses, they become a part of there fans everywhere and we lived with them a whole life for 10 years with 10 from the most beautiful, emotional  and funny seasons. We lived with them their sadness and happiness, and as for me when I am feeling bad and I don’t even have the ability to smile I watch this show and I laugh out loud, it is one of the few things that make me laugh from the bottom of my heart.

FRIENDS aired from 1994 to 2004, 10 years of fun and gorgeous moments. I wish it never ended, i admit that at the last episode of the final season when they left the apartment and separated i cried like I am saying goodbye to a close friend of mine.

A great people who made this show the best actors and actresses presents us the best characters.

1- Joey Tribiani: portrayed by Mat LeBlance, He was a struggling actor and he became famous from his role on “Days of our Lives”  as Dr. Drake Ramoray.

Joey is also famous for his love of  food 🙂 for that he was saying:” Joey doesn’t share food” he said that in a date when the girl tried to eat from his plate and he said that to Phoebe when he was telling her the story 🙂 . And he said ” I am Tribiani and this is what we do”   in Thanksgiving when he told his friends that is going to eat the whole turkey all alone.

And he is famous as a dating expert, he is advising his friends all the time:) and he is known by his sentence ” Hey, How you doin’? ” in his attempts to win over a woman.

2- Phoebe Buffay:  portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe was a massager  and self-taught musician

she was kind of crazy 😀 and she was the only one who can understand Ross’s strange music, like when he was playing a music part for Mon and Chandler’s wedding, she sang a strange song with Ross 🙂

And she was always there for her friends just like all of them and she was always knew how to get her friends out of their bad mood and make fun of everything, she lost her mum and her friends were her own family and then she married Mark whom she meet in a double date with Joey.

  3- Ross Geller: portrayed by David Schwimmer, Ross was a paleontologist he was a professor in New York  University and he is the older brother of  Monica, he is famous for his bad luck in relationships he got divorced three times and he has a son named Ben from his Ex-wife Carol, and his daughter Emma from Rachel, he was in love with Rachel since high school, he had a big love story with her  but they broke up alot of times, and they went back together in the final season.

4- Rachel Green: portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, she was a fashion enthusiast, she moved in with her best friend  from high school Monica she is the mother of Ross’s daughter Emma she has fallen in love with Ross.

She worked for a while in the coffeehouse Central Perk and this coffeehouse is the friends second home 🙂 they spent a great times there and the place become so familiar  to every fan.

5- Chandler Bing: portrayed by Matthew Pirry, he works as an executive in statical analysis  and data reconfiguration for a large multi-national corporation, Chandler also famous for his bad luck in relationships and his friends used to give him alot of advices, he used to  date Janice she was famous for her phrase ” Oh My God” 😀

But after all Chandler fall in love with Monica and they got married and adopt a twins at the end of the series. Chandler has a sarcastic sense of humor, and he has the honor to say the last joke in the series when they were leaving the apartment and Rachel suggest them to drink coffee and he asked ” WHERE? ” it was awkward because for sure they will drink it in Central Perk :D.

6- Monica Geller: portrayed by Courteney Cox, Monica was a clever Chef and she is Ross’s sister and Monica was like a mother for all of them she is taking care about everything and she was crazy of cleaning.

She married Chandler and adopted a twins because she can not have babies.

It is really hard to choose the best between them because they are all just awesome and great characters.

For the best 6 friends I ever saw I want to say thanks for making me and millions of fans just so happy by watching you. 🙂


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