ورقــــة وقـلـــم



Every one of us must have gone through several problems in his life, and we have some trusted people around us to tell them about those problems, and ask them to help us to get over it, and solve this thing.

But after I had been in some real problems of my own  in my short life, and hear about some people problems, I discovered something, I don’t know if  everybody think the same way or not but the thing is; I believe that there is nothing called RIGHT THING or WRONG THING.

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” After the Attack “


We have some peace time in Gaza two days ago, the Israeli attack on Gaza made alot of mess and about 150 killers (shohadaa`) and alot of injured most of them are children and women.

Everybody’s life in Gaza in the past 8 days was on jeopardy, we did not knew if we will stay alive to the next day or not…

i will not talk alot, I will show you some pics most of it for children and I only wonder are those children the targets of Israel?? Are they torrirests???!! I will let you my readers answer it…

and I tried  as possible as I can to choose hurt less photos…

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” All Alone “


(this picture was taken few days ago for a boy and his little brother after their house was destroyed and their parents has died )

I am a Palestinian Child

My parents has died

I am all alone

I am holding my young brother

And looking around

Everybody is busy

I am all alone

 I lost my cover

My parents were my secure

My heart is broke

Like never before

And now

I am all alone

No family,

No home

No more laughter

We will face life alone

My brother and I

We are all alone

But we will never fall a part

Our head will always be high

And that something

Nobody can deny

Even if all the Palestinian children and me

Are all alone…

” The Truth “


All your armies

All your fighters

All your tanks

And all your soldiers

Against  a boy

Holding a stone

Standing there

All alone

In his eyes, I see the sun

In his smile, I see the moon

And I wonder

I only wonder

Who is weak!

And who is strong?

Who is right !

And who is wrong?

And I wish

I only wish

That the truth

Has a tongue…

” وطنـــي “


آآه يا وطنــي

مــاذا أقـــول فيكـَ

فجرحكـَ يدميـــني

وصرخـــاتـي تنبــع مــن ألمكـْ

والطعنـــات التــي تنخــز ظهــرك

ترديـــني قتــيلاً

وأنــا عــلى قيــد الحيـــاةْ

” غــزة تحــت النــار “


ﻻ ﺃﻣﻨﻴﺂﺕ ﻟﻬﺬﺍ ﺍﻟمساء.. سِوَى ﺃﻥ ﻳكُونْ ” ﻭَﻃَﻨﻲ” بخَير♥!

All my wishes this evening to see my country “home” Okay

يحكــون فـي بلادنـا

يحكــون في شجـن

عن صاحبــي الذي مـضى

…وعــاد فـي كفــن