” After the Attack “


We have some peace time in Gaza two days ago, the Israeli attack on Gaza made alot of mess and about 150 killers (shohadaa`) and alot of injured most of them are children and women.

Everybody’s life in Gaza in the past 8 days was on jeopardy, we did not knew if we will stay alive to the next day or not…

i will not talk alot, I will show you some pics most of it for children and I only wonder are those children the targets of Israel?? Are they torrirests???!! I will let you my readers answer it…

and I tried  as possible as I can to choose hurt less photos…


7 thoughts on “” After the Attack “

  1. These are the pictures that our government in the UK don’t want us to see but some of us do see and some of us do care. I would like to say all of us care but far too many people just turn a blind eye and look away.
    Tens of thousands of people though in the UK did see and marched to the Israeli Embassy in London to protest and to let them know that the outside world is watching them!
    It always seems to be children and the defenceless that suffer as a consequence of some evil men’s thirst for power and money through war.

    • You are right, that’s why i tried to show a little bit of the truth which they don’t want the whole world to know anything about it.
      I am so glad that the world starts to know and face the unfair, thank you for your support =)

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