” Why should I lie “



Why should I lie

If I said the truth am not going to die

I do things that I can’t deny

So, why should I lie

Life is too short

Let’s live it with the perfect case

In the lying  world I don’t have a place

Why should I lie

It’s a weak behavior

Make me lose myself respect and my confidence

It really doesn’t make any sense

Time is lost for finding something to say

But the truth is there ready to go in the right way

I am thinking a lot over and over

But I can’t find an answer for my Question



3 thoughts on “” Why should I lie “

  1. Reblogged this on dufoss's Blog and commented:
    Is to talk when you get to the
    hypotheses That has nothing to do
    with reality, but is a modern puts you
    at several angles in all the mirrors from
    several points, making you and you
    are in the same

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