” Listening ”


women said, woman listening to gossip

If you have problems you’ll need to talk to someone to drop everything out of your heart , and also you want this person to be good listener, giving you attention and sharing you the problem as it his own, But have you ever asked yourself Are you good listener? Are you giving attention when someone talk with you about his own problems.

A lot of people thought they are good listeners but actually they are not , when someone chosen us to talk with us he’ll expect from us to hear interested , and we must be the expectations of others.

Most of people don’t have skills of listening and that can cause troubles of misunderstanding, for example; if your friend talking to you and you are busy thinking about your own problems and not giving fact attention to your friend –may be not unintentional- but he’ll say that you are not true friend , that’s what I mean by misunderstanding.

So even if you have a lot of problems , you also have to listen as you never had one because today you are the listener tomorrow you’ll be the speaker , then you’ll need somebody hearing you carefully.

We are living in life circle and we must learn how to deal with everything in it and not to feel dizzy all the time in this circle . Listening also has a lot of benefits , and the most important one that it’s make us learn from others experiences. And so our God created us with two ears and only one tongue, to hear more than speak, try to listen well it’s Not Bad.


2 thoughts on “” Listening ”

  1. Being a good listener is a hard skill to master I think but one we should all be good at. Sometimes a person just needs to be heard. I guess when somebody is telling us their deepest problem we instinctively want to try to solve it. Often that person doesn’t need our solution just our ears to listen to them; for them to be able to share the problem can be a great help.
    I should stop talking now!! 🙂

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